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"My neurologist told me I needed back surgery. I take care of people who have had bad back surgeries and I didn't want that to be me. Since getting adjusted, I  have no more back pain. It has changed my life. I tried Chiropractic as a last resort before surgery. All I can say is, if you're looking at having back surgery, try this first, you may be very surprised, and no knives or scars. I recommend Dr. Vickers to people all the time."

Raymond Godsey, RN-ICU

"Getting adjusted has stopped the pain going down my leg. It relieves the pain and tension in my back and neck. I sleep, work and play better. I would gladly refer family and friends to Dr. Vickers because I know it works without drugs!"

Elizabeth May, Phone Operator

"I have seen Dr. Vickers progressively for several years. I have more energy and is easier to get out of bed in the morning. My son and friends also get adjusted at Back on Track."

Joan Racthford, Councilwoman

"Dr. Vickers has eased my acute pain and weakness, and by regular visits for preventative adjustments he maintains my nervous system. I believe in the value of chiropractic care by my own experience. I have often referred people, and bring my own 14 and 18 year old sons to get adjusted because I know their health will benefit from it."

Mike Hanlin, Attorney

"I have been suffering with migraines for 22 years and hip pain since 1989.  After getting adjusted the migraines aren't as regular as before, the pain in my lower hips have decreased tremendously. I have more flexibility and the migraines are not as frequent. Dr. Vickers has changed my way of life when it comes to my physical health. I don't know how I can cope without his chiropractic adjustments. I appreciate him so much."

Brendetta Johnson, Administrative Associate

"As a hitter on my volleyball team, I can tell a tremendous difference after being adjusted. I have free range when hitting."

Megan Daily, Highschool Senior

"I couldn't function on a day to day bases without chiropractic care. With two small children at my age, I couldn't go without Dr. Vickers' care.  I believe in what chiropractic care can do for anyone and the results it can give: especially Dr. Vickers' care!"

Karen Chamblee, Homemaker

"I feel like a new person. I would encourage everyone who will listen. Get checked out. I think it is the best thing that could ever happen. My daughter is going now and will trust him with any of my children.  Dr. Vickers and his staff are the greatest. They all have made me very welcomed."

Felecia Bradley, Data Recon Specialist II

"Getting adjusted has helped minimized illnesses and saved trips to the MD's office. Neck pain stopped, and I stopped getting sick. No more sinus infections!"

James Goolsby, Police Officer

"Wow! I can move with ease. I'm pain free for someone my age. I feel great! I can sleep better . I no longer take aspirin in large doses. The spine really is your body's barometer-take care of it!"

Christine Long, Retired Accountant

"My mobility has increased 200%. I am still trying to get everything 'in line' but walking is no longer a painful process. My results are incredible! I have referred friends already. You can't get into other chiropractors' as easily. Dr. Vickers is generally able to schedule me in with as little as a days notice. I have also never felt rushed while in his office."

 Christa Vandiver, Architect

"It saved my quality of life-free of pain. If everyone would see a chiropractor they would be shocked at their success. Such a great reward for so little time invested."

Donna Pike, School Bus Driver

"I have had pain all my life. Adjustments have taken the 'twist' out of my spine and helped ease a lot of the pain. I also don't suffer with my seasonal allergies anymore."

Julia Robinson, Child Development Center Teacher

"I have had less episodes of severe pain. I also am much more flexible and move so much easier than before. I am playing the best golf of my life!"

Joyce Neighbors, Pharmacist

"Chiropractic care has made such a difference! The pain that I had for years has decreased. I am now coming for proactive care and to remain flexible. I like the holistic approach-traditional medicine only offered me muscle relaxants and pain killers."

Debbie Bennett, Retired RN

"I am now having pain free days and increased mobility. Dr. Vickers totally relieved my back and leg pain. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone wanting to experience better health and a better life!"

Chris Anderton, Service Provider UPS

"After 6 years of dealing with pain in my back and neck I finally did something about it. I have improved physically and eliminated many prescription medications. I feel like getting up and going now, where before I didn't."

Regina Kemp, Auto Dealer

"Getting adjustments regularly has helped me to reduce my recurring back pain. I sleep better, have reduced stress, and have better posture as well. Get Adjusted, It works!"

Angela Hatchett, Federal Government

"It's the best thing that happened to my body! Best of all I have no pain, great range of motion, and no longer need pain medication to stop hurting. It is a natural way to cure."

Chris Murphree, Contractor

"Before coming to see Dr. Vickers I was having low back pain and could't stand up. He helped align my spine and allowed me to be pain free. I am now able to perform my job better. It has also allowed me to start back running and weight training. If YOU ever have an adjustment done you'll never stop coming! Thanks Dr. Vickers!"

Rico Brock, Police Officer

" I generally feel better and have very infrequent illness. I have referred many satisfied family members and friends, giving them the chance to experience overall health and wellness as well."

David Cole, Banker

"Headaches are gone. I am able to function more efficiently with less pain and increased mobility. I just feel better as a whole.

Brandy Hayes, Stay at home mom

"It really works! I had lower back pain for years but the pain increased after having my baby. I contacted Dr. Vickers office where I received great care, better overall health, and I love it!"

Rachel Kullum, Dental Hygienist

"My sciatica and lower back pain have improved steadily and only flare up occasionally. I  continuously tell others who have trouble about my experience."

Martha Silliman, Medical Tech, Princeton BMC 

"It has made a huge difference in the frequency and the amount of pain I experience in both my legs and back. I feel that it is possible to get relief without medication."

Janice Turner, Secretary and Homemaker

"The pain in my neck and shoulder increased in  intensity for about a year before I decided to seek help. Since coming to Dr. Vickers for care my range of motion and activity level have increased. It has improved my quality of life by allowing me to participate in daily and recreational activites that I couldn't before. Who wouldn't want to feel great?"

Mary Petrus, RN

"I have gotten excellent results through chiropractic care. I am able to walk without hurting all the time and having to take no medication was a great benefit."

Dora Dansby, Home Health Care Nurse

"I can hold my head up straight now without having to concentrate. I hadn't been able to do that for years. My headaches come less frequently and are less severe. I feel so much better!"

Brandy Hall, Geologist

"My day was filled with nothing but pain for years. I couldn't even get out of bed by myself and was told I needed surgery. I had a 62% chance of walking and having a life. I was on so many pills (2-3 bottles a week). Even with medication the pain was severe and constant. That is when I turned to Dr. Vickers. He gave me my life back! I am a believer! We are continuing to work as a team on the results. I believe no one should go through the pain I had just because they dont know how important chiropractic care is."

Carol Wells, Server at Red Lobster